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2024-07-14T00:40 Trump rally: Witness says he saw gunman minutes before shots were fired.;

2024-07-14T04:27 Paul Kagame seeks to extend his three decades in power in Rwanda election.;

2024-07-14T02:22 Kenyan finance bill protesters take on Christian leaders.;

2024-07-14T04:00 Kenyan police find dismembered bodies at Nairobi dump.;

2024-07-14T00:20 In pictures: Trump injured as shots fired at rally.;

2024-07-14T04:34 Trump rally: American politics enters a dark and dangerous new chapter.;

2024-07-14T03:21 What are the big security threats coming down the track?.;

2024-07-12T16:44 Prince William to attend Euro 2024 final in Berlin.;

2024-07-13T03:31 Wimbledon: Ball girls on what it's like playing the pros on court.;

2024-07-10T23:41 Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership.;

2024-07-12T12:39 'Eat Bratwurst and get a bus,' Race Across the World winner says to England fans.;

2024-07-13T03:34 England v Spain: Familiar faces fighting for European glory.;

2024-07-13T14:54 Bear rescued from Ukraine dies in West Lothian zoo.;

2024-06-03T04:47 'Russia now is like 1984': Inside a Russian dystopian library.;

2024-06-17T04:58 Ukraine war: Conscription squads send Ukrainian men into hiding.;

2024-06-08T00:05 Ukraine war: I married the love of my life in a Mariupol bunker. Two days later he was killed.;

2024-07-13T08:05 Clifton Suspension Bridge: Murder arrest after human remains found in Bristol and London.;

2024-07-13T16:06 Dr Ruth Westheimer, celebrity sex therapist, dies at 96.;

2024-07-13T09:05 Restrictions on Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram lifted.;

2024-06-25T05:03 Ukraine war: LGBT troops fight Russians and attitudes at home.;

2024-07-05T23:29 Ukraine war: Ukrainians struggle as power outages worsen.;

2024-06-17T04:30 Ukraine summit: A path to peace?.;

2024-06-13T07:29 Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko: From the boxing ring to Ukraine's war.;

2024-07-13T03:24 Twisters star Daisy Edgar-Jones hopes to revisit Normal People role.;

2024-07-13T03:28 Week in pictures: 6-12 July 2024.;

2024-07-12T22:04 Port Talbot: How Banksy sparked a steel town's love for colour.;

2024-07-05T12:55 Moving into Downing Street: life behind the iconic black door.;

2024-07-03T00:49 A Bugatti, a first lady and the fake stories aimed at Americans.;

2024-06-28T23:50 Ukraine war: Marine reveals struggle of defending Kharkiv.;

2024-06-23T10:21 Wagner uprising: A year after mutiny, Russia controls group's remnants.;

2024-07-09T17:41 Director of missile-hit Ukraine children's hospital recalls 'real hell'.;

2024-07-01T13:02 Can Biden be replaced? And who could replace Democratic nominee?.;

2024-07-12T02:41 Hollywood's Democratic donors turn away from Biden.;

2024-07-12T10:44 What world leaders thought of Biden’s Nato summit performance.;

2024-07-12T23:23 Biden is teetering. Trump’s plan? Let it happen..;

2024-07-09T06:50 Biden condemns 'Russian brutality' after deadly Ukraine strikes.;

2024-07-10T06:31 Modi and Putin: Russia promises release of Indians fighting in its army.;

2024-07-11T11:31 US cruise missiles to return to Germany, angering Moscow.;

2024-07-12T04:17 China hits back at Nato over Russia accusations.;

2024-07-12T23:53 Hungary's Orban goes global as self-styled peacemaker without a plan.;

2024-07-11T21:09 Ambani wedding: India tycoon’s son marries after months of festivities.;

2024-07-12T19:04 Many Democrats are sticking with Biden. This is why..;

2024-07-12T22:02 Alec Baldwin's Rust manslaughter case dismissed.;


2024-07-14T05:59 The Suffolk families trying to save others from sarcoma.;

2024-07-14T06:20 Daughters tell of mum's ordeal after care home shut.;

2024-07-14T04:44 Ed Sheeran, Kate Beckinsale and other celebrities cheer on England ahead of final.;

2024-07-14T09:51 East Ham: Second child dies following house fire.;

2024-07-14T09:16 Trump shooting 'a horrific and heinous act' - Taoiseach.;

2024-07-12T10:40 Prison crisis will force indeterminate sentence change - Blunkett.;

2024-07-14T05:34 Harry Gleeson: A pardoned man finally laid to rest.;

2024-07-12T09:28 Why are thousands of prisoners set to be released early?.;

2024-07-11T23:19 Michael Mosley's wife says response to his death 'extraordinary'.;

2024-07-14T05:10 Election abuse of candidates may have been coordinated - adviser.;

2024-07-14T02:44 Chancellor Rachel Reeves has made her opening gambit. What's her long game?.;

2024-07-13T07:44 Southeastern: Rail firm to add 200 trains a week from December.;

2024-07-13T08:19 Battle station gets funding boost for accessible footbridge.;

2024-07-13T16:13 Jersey agrees to create green shipping corridor with St Malo.;

2024-07-13T11:16 'We are all behind you' Keir Starmer tells England ahead of final.;

2024-07-12T22:01 Area with lowest voter turnout in Wales feels forgotten by general election.;

2024-07-13T05:26 Dunmow Flitch Trials test wedded bliss in bacon-based love-in.;

2024-07-13T09:53 Wimbledon: Kate to attend men's final.;

2024-07-13T06:25 Married 'soulmates' who died of cancer spent final days side by side.;

2024-07-13T10:39 Daniel Halliday: Police confirm body was boy, 14, missing after swim.;

2024-07-13T09:10 Keir Starmer commits to BBC licence fee.;

2024-07-13T13:18 Graziano Di Prima to leave Strictly Come Dancing.;

2024-07-12T13:29 Russia passenger jet crashes near Moscow during test flight.;

2024-07-12T15:36 Tori Towey: Women in Dubai cells is 'harrowing' thought.;

2024-07-13T09:37 Eurotunnel LeShuttle: Delays at Folkestone terminal.;

2024-07-13T14:21 East Ham: Child dies and five hospitalised in house fire.;

2024-07-13T10:17 Family devastated after crossbow attack - John Hunt.;

2024-07-12T19:47 Limerick: Female bus driver shot with air gun in city, union says.;

2024-07-12T23:00 Zelensky: Simon Harris plans Ukraine visit 'in coming weeks'.;

2024-07-13T14:42 Mystery over 4,000-year-old axe-heads sent to Irish museum.;

2024-07-13T13:56 Euros 2024: Spanish fans confident in beating England.;

2024-07-12T17:49 Homerton Fertility Centre to reopen after licence ban.;

2024-07-12T07:00 Four migrants drown in English Channel crossing attempt.;

2024-07-12T14:37 Princess Anne returns to public duties after suspected injury from horse.;

2024-07-12T16:05 M62: Ryanair pilots killed in crash on way to work.;

2024-07-09T15:57 French Socialist Olivier Faure eyes PM job but deadlock persists.;

2024-07-11T01:03 Srebrenica massacre: 'What happened should be known'.;

2024-07-13T02:02 Vision Pro: As Apple headset reaches Europe, will VR ever hit the mainstream?.;

2024-07-11T10:36 'Wave of antisemitism' in EU influenced by Israel-Gaza war - survey.;

2024-07-13T02:42 Mortgage competition hots up as interest rates decision looms.;

2024-07-13T01:43 Kelso Cochrane murder: Suspect told police he'd kill a black man.;

2024-07-12T10:43 Man arrested on suspicion of murder over Bushey crossbow killings.;

2024-07-11T11:17 Rouen cathedral evacuated after spire blaze.;

2024-07-12T12:28 Ukraine war: German shock at reported Russian assassination plot.;

2024-07-12T12:42 Elon Musk's X accused of breaching content rules by EU.;

2024-07-12T17:07 Poland considers downing Russian missiles over Ukraine.;

2024-07-11T23:51 Thousands of prisoners to be released early to ease overcrowding.;

2024-07-12T11:55 Holly Willoughby: Gavin Plumb jailed for life for murder plot.;

2024-07-13T02:27 Labour’s first week: Eight key plans and the challenges ahead.;

2024-07-12T23:17 More human remains found in London as Bristol suitcase suspect named.;


2024-06-27T07:04 Mushroom gummies recalled after Australians hospitalised.;

2024-07-14T02:46 Trump rally: Shocking act will reshape the presidential race.;

2024-07-14T04:00 Joe Biden calls on Americans to condemn 'sick' attempt on Trump's life.;

2024-07-11T16:13 Canadian serial killer Jeremy Skibicki found guilty of murdering four women.;

2024-07-14T02:28 America's Sweethearts: Life after Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.;

2024-06-27T10:14 Ryan Moloney: Toadie quits Neighbours after 30 years on screen.;

2024-07-03T04:13 Queensland orders sperm donation purge over mix-ups.;

2024-07-04T04:17 Body found in search for child missing in croc attack.;

2024-06-12T02:24 What is Project 2025? Wish list for a Trump presidency, explained.;

2024-07-09T23:01 What are cognitive tests and how easy are they?.;

2024-07-10T22:32 Biden's bruising day sinks hopes Democrats will move on.;

2024-06-26T10:33 Julian Assange: Australia’s quiet campaign to bring Wikileaks founder home.;

2024-06-17T15:12 Wu-Tang Clan: What does the world's rarest album sound like?.;

2024-07-02T15:42 'Hysterical': The women calling out doctors’ gaslighting.;

2024-07-06T23:03 Julian Assange's sexual assault accuser is "happy" he's free.;

2024-07-11T17:05 Who are the Democrats calling for Joe Biden to quit?.;

2024-07-09T18:08 American voters: We want to hear from you.;

2024-07-12T01:44 Biden stands firm on critical night - but gaffes mar fightback.;

2024-07-11T15:18 Louisiana 'miracle baby' 'Miracle baby' survives days alone on a roadside.;

2024-07-04T07:31 A wildlife park has banned koala cuddles. Will others follow?.;

2024-07-10T05:13 Trial begins for religious sect accused of killing child.;

2024-07-10T06:45 ‘Dad tried to kill us’: The fire that devastated Australia.;

2024-07-04T06:22 Australian senator involved in Gaza protest vote resigns.;

2024-07-11T18:17 Texas hospitals filling up as power cuts and heat take toll.;

2024-07-12T09:44 Shelley Duvall: Tributes paid to 'unforgettable' actress.;

2024-07-12T09:55 Eminem's The Death of Slim Shady album a mixed bag, say critics.;

2024-07-09T04:20 Australia appoints special envoy for combatting antisemitism.;

2024-07-08T15:26 Australia accused of discriminating against disabled migrants.;

2024-07-11T00:54 Australian dad charged with killing his children in fire.;

2024-07-11T23:27 Australian soldier charged with spying for Russia.;

2024-07-13T02:57 Joe Biden avoids further gaffes at Detroit rally.;

2024-07-12T15:31 How America's allies are trying to 'Trump-proof' Nato's future.;

2024-07-12T20:10 RFK Jr texts apology to woman who accused him of sexual assault - reports.;

2024-07-12T17:55 AT&T says hackers stole data from 'nearly all' of its customers.;


2024-07-09T18:20 Israeli strike kills at least 29 at Gaza displacement camp.;

2024-06-30T00:00 Yazidi women fear return to a broken land of rubble and brutality.;

2024-07-01T15:51 Shadow of war with Israel looms over anxious Lebanese.;

2024-07-02T05:00 Israel conscription rule stokes ultra-Orthodox fury.;

2024-07-06T10:22 Iran: New president Massoud Pezeshkian gives young and women hope.;

2024-07-10T23:02 Will K-pop's AI experiment pay off?.;

2024-07-10T21:54 Japan wants to make it easier to shoot bears as attacks rise.;

2024-07-08T17:16 Masoud Pezeshkian: The reformist now Iran's president-elect.;

2024-07-09T13:06 Gaza war: Hamas says Israeli operations threaten ceasefire talks.;

2024-07-09T15:43 Gaza war: Palestinian anti-Hamas activist beaten by masked men.;

2024-07-13T09:51 Hamas-run health ministry says 90 killed in Gaza strike targeting Mohammed Deif.;

2024-07-11T21:14 India's wildly popular payments system attracts scammers.;

2024-07-09T21:12 South Korean politician links rising male suicides to women.;

2024-07-13T01:07 Ambanis: Meet the tycoons behind the grand Indian wedding.;

2024-07-10T12:34 Man caught smuggling 100 snakes in his trousers into China.;

2024-07-10T16:08 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s widow sentenced to death in Iraq.;

2024-07-11T16:46 US to resume shipments of 500lb bombs to Israel.;

2024-07-11T19:22 Gaza war: US says floating aid pier to shut down soon.;

2024-07-10T15:17 More than 40 sentenced to life in UAE for 'terror' offences.;

2024-07-11T06:20 Bangladesh: Students protest jobs reserved for war heroes' children.;

2024-07-11T09:18 Bather rescued 80km from Japan beach after 36 hours.;

2024-07-12T08:18 In photos: Bieber, Rihanna, Gates and Blair at mega India wedding.;

2024-07-12T09:22 More than 60 missing as Nepal landslide sweeps buses into river.;

2024-07-10T11:20 Israel Gaza war: Israel tells 'everyone in Gaza City' to leave.;

2024-07-11T19:17 Egypt Paris 2024: Anger after crash cyclist picked for Olympics.;

2024-07-11T19:30 Israeli army 'failed in mission' to protect kibbutz from Hamas.;

2024-07-12T16:01 Gazans flee renewed Israeli offensives as rescuers struggle.;

- BBC.COM/AFRICA (business)

2024-07-10T01:05 Sudan war: How a photographer escaped the besieged city of el-Fasher.;

2024-07-10T10:30 Ethiopia's Oromia region sees dramatic kidnapping surge.;

2024-07-12T00:51 Africa's week in pictures: 5 - 10 July 2024.;

2024-06-27T18:05 Bolivia unrest: Coup or no coup?.;

2024-07-03T01:23 'Almost whole island homeless' in Hurricane Beryl's wake.;

2024-07-03T10:38 In pictures: Hurricane Beryl devastates Caribbean islands.;

2024-07-03T12:23 How record-breaking Hurricane Beryl is a sign of a warming world.;

2024-07-11T01:12 Nigeria japa: The young people looking for a better life elsewhere.;

2024-07-12T14:25 Japhet Koome: Kenya's police chief resigns amid deadly anti-tax protests.;

2024-07-11T14:53 Burkina Faso's military junta to ban homosexual acts.;

2024-07-10T07:17 Lamine Yamal: Photos of Lionel Messi bathing Spain wonderkid as a baby resurface.;

2024-07-11T05:33 Liverpool's Darwin Núñez in clash with fans after Uruguay match.;

2024-07-11T12:45 Bolivia clash: Rival factions of governing party come to blows.;

2024-07-05T09:03 Hurricane Beryl batters Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.;

2024-07-11T15:59 Samoa Agreement: Nigeria-EU deal sparks false claims over LGBT rights.;

2024-07-12T06:04 Niger jailbreak: Inmates escape from prison that holds jihadists.;

2024-07-12T17:32 Plateau school collapse: Children killed and trapped in Nigeria.;

2024-07-13T00:17 Gukurahundi massacres: Can the ghosts be exorcised from Zimbabwe's mass graves?.;

2024-07-09T14:26 Mummified body of missing US climber found 22 years later in Peru.;

2024-07-09T15:35 Bolsonaro accused of profiting from illegal jewel sale.;

2024-07-12T17:50 France rugby players charged with raping woman in Argentina.;

2024-07-13T00:48 Ecuador jails five over murder of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.;


2024-07-13T09:11 New Zealand 24-17 England: All Blacks maintain Eden Park record as England come close - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T17:50 Wimbledon men's final: Novak Djokovic says 'history will be on the line' against Carlos Alcaraz - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T16:22 Wimbledon women's final 2024: Barbora Krejcikova thinks of Jana Novotna after 'unbelievable' title win - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T18:12 Evian Championship: Stephanie Kyriacou takes one-shot lead into final round - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T18:48 Euro 2024 final: England boss Gareth Southgate 'not a believer in fairytales but in dreams' - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T19:02 Wimbledon 2024 results: Henry Patten and Harri Heliovaara win Wimbledon men's doubles title - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T17:03 South Africa 24-25 Ireland: Ciaran Frawley's last-gasp drop-goal seals stunning Irish win - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T15:10 Wimbledon results 2024: Barbora Krecjikova beats Jasmine Paolini in women's final - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T05:09 Euro 2024 final: Declan Rice says England want to build on Lionesses' legacy - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T05:45 England to bring it home? Chris Sutton's Euro 2024 final prediction - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T05:21 Euro 2024: Why Kobbie Mainoo has 'wow factor' and could be one of greats - Rio Ferdinand - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T15:41 Wimbledon results 2024: Carlos Alcaraz says Sunday will be 'good day' for Spanish people with Euros final - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T18:39 Evian Championship: Japan's Ayaka Furue leads as round two suspended - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T08:15 New Zealand v England: George, Borthwick and pundits on Eden Park - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T21:46 Football gossip: Calvert-Lewin, Lukaku, Balotelli, Williams, Calafiori - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T15:43 Tour de France 2024: Jasper Philipsen wins stage 13 after crash - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T15:06 England in Euro 2024 final: We don't care how we win, says Ollie Watkins - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T20:50 Wimbledon 2024 women's final: Jasmine Paolini faces Barbora Krejcikova in showpiece - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T14:43 Jadon Sancho: Winger returns to Manchester United training after Erik ten Hag meeting - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T16:57 James Anderson on his legacy after England beat West Indies - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-13T01:01 Duhan van der Merwe equals Scotland try-scoring record in win over USA - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T18:57 Wimbledon 2024 results: Novak Djokovic to play Carlos Alcaraz in men's final - BBC Sport.;

2024-07-12T17:01 Euro 2024: Gareth Southgate says England reaching final feels 'normal' - BBC Sport.;





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